Rent a System

Stop Buying Systems and Laptops for your company. Why not Rent them ?. You can save a ton of money by renting also you don’t have to hire a IT guy to maintain them. We maintain the system and provide 24/7 support if you rent from us.

Why should you take systems from us

  • Customization

You can customize your workstations according to your needs and requirements. We even assist you in customizing since we specialize in assembling systems for rendering, Video Editing, Modelling and etc.. 

  • Affordable Rental

Just because you are renting. Doesn’t mean that you should be charged astronomical sum. DNSIT provides laptops at most affordable price you can imagine of. 

  • Provide Laptops and systems upto 1000+ at a time.

DNSIT can provide laptops in 1000’s at a time. We can scale it even further if required

  • 24/7 technical Support

Any issues you face. Our technical staff will be there within 1 Hour.

  • Rent 200 + system we provide in-house technical staff

Yes ! you heard us right. If you rent 200+ laptops we will provide a technical staff to maintain your systems. And he will be placed in your office and you do not need to spend a single rupee as his salary. DNSIT will take care of it.

So how can you rent from us?

  • Documentation

If you are a pvt ltd company. You need to provide company documentation.

  • 2 months rental upfront

Once your documentation is verified. You need to provide 2 months upfront. 

So Why Wait ? Give us a Call